About : Professional Sports Gamblers 

PSG is a 2 man operation Dean & Big Ed. We are serious about making money betting on sports. No Hype! No Falsifying Records! Complete Transparency and Honesty. Making money betting on sports is not easy 97% of all sports bettors lose and the vast majority of handicappers can’t hit 50%, they over change, try to get you to load up on their big games, a recipe for disaster and a good way to hand your money to the sportsbooks. Why do you think the sportsbooks can give such high bonuses. We keep honest records on our results page and we post our wins and losses on our twitter account at the end of the each day or the next morning. Most tout services do not post their records or they falsify the results. We refer to them as Scamdicappers.Hard work, honesty and good handicapping skills along with discipline and money management has made us very successful sports investors. We don’t play parlay, teasers, prop bets and we don’t buy points. We straight bet, we expect to win 55 to 59 percent of our bets. At that rate of success 50% to 100% return on investment is very possible!