Sports Watch Monitor
Date: 9/20/2023   |   By: Professional Sports Gamblers

We are currently ranked #1 at over the last 60 days. We are always near the top in winning percentage but not in money won for a very important reason. We are Professionals we don't have an advantage rating system where you have high rated games 10, 20 even 100 star selection. These are Money Games, but not for you, but for the guys selling the picks. Most of these guys don't bet their on picks they make there money selling them to you. Win or lose they make money. We are different. We never wagers more than 3% of our set aside bank roll and most of our bets are 2%. Our clients who are disciplined enough to follow our picks and only risk only small amounts of their bank roll hammer out a profit consistently over time. Almost all our clients are long term because long term gets the WIN!!!




Date: 2021   |   By: Professional Sports Gamblers

PSG uses Algorithms to make picks. The Algorithms are based on a proven system that generate positive returns. Almost all recreational gamblers lose money long-term. Betting on sports is fun but not if losing money! Even with our proven system of producing winners & making money, we will have losing days, weeks and even losing months it just the nature of the beast it happens to everyone! But we take a long-term approach to winning & making money! You can see our record on the results page that we do make money for ourselves and our clients! We take a investment approach !